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Season 2 is still germinating! Check back for updates!

The vision of the Occupy Yourself podcast is to bring understanding of occupational concepts and the importance of intentional occupation to all the land! Seriously, we've created this podcast for anyone who wants to listen. Whether you're an occupational therapy practitioner or student looking for inspiration in your work, an everyday human working towards functional goals, or you just want to get some insight into other perspectives and learn some new life skills- our goal is to make connections between everyday personal experiences, and integrate them with the often underutilized OT body of knowledge. Through interviews and storytelling, we hope to expand our collective understanding, and gain some ease in our days and quality in our lives!

Want to learn about OT in under 5 minutes? Check out the blog!


This podcast is not designed to replace advice from a licensed Occupational Therapy practitioner. We are a licensed OTR and a future OTR having a chat over a tasty beverage, discussing ways to occupy yourself with intention and live the best life for you. If you have any occupational concerns that significantly impact your daily function, please contact your primary care physician and/or an OT Practitioner.

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